Recent Drug Store Purchases (Review)

NOTE: This Review is a copy from my ORIGINAL blog, DANIxDANGER.BUZZNET.COM

Recent Drug Store Purchases review photo 1

Sorry for the Hiatus everyone!
But I am back with another review 🙂

A few days back (well, almost a week ago I would say) I stopped by my local Walmart and purchased 3 new products, which are shown above.

Product One – Milani “Infinite Liquid Eyeliner” in 05 Everlast

Recent Drug Store Purchases review photo 2

I have been in a recent search for a GREAT black liquid eyeliner. I didn’t want to pay high end cost (since I’m going to phamEXPO next weekend and figure I’d get a great deal there) so I ran across this. First off, the pigmentation on this is to DIE for! It’s super jet black, and does give the “glossy” and “wet” look I was going for. A++ in that category.

BUT.. I have worked with liquid liners that had long wands, but because the formula for this liner is so thick and globby it’s really hard to use. Yes, it is a liquid liner but the consistancy of it kind of reminds me of tar. I have even tried to thin it out by applying both ELF Lock and Seal to it and MAC Fix+ spray to it. It only made it worse.

It takes AGES for it to dry up. Once I’m done applying it on my lids, I have to keep my eyes closed for about 2 minutes before it’s semi dry. It’s also a pain to remove. After I’m done washing my face I have a lot of residue left on my lids.

Long story short… it’s extremely hard to work with. I wouldn’t recommend it.

Product Two – Olay Total Effects 7 “CC Cream” in Light to Medium

Recent Drug Store Purchases review photo 3

I was also interested of trying this whole new CC Cream thing that every major makeup guru has raved about. I know that Clinique has one, Dr. Jart, and Smashbox (to name a few) but I stumbled across this one by accident.

It reminds me a lot of the Olay Definity pump, which I also own, and to be honest… I can’t tell the difference between the two. The CC is light in texture and goes on the face smoothly, but it’s really not “color correcting” at all. It’s JUST a tinted moisturizer. I was a little disappointed since I had spent $22 on it, when I COULD’VE just spent and extra $15 and got the better one from Clinique or some other high end brand that I had tested in store in the past and found them to have better results.

I do love it though, don’t get me wrong. Although it wasn’t EXACTLY what I was looking for, I will say it’s perfect for days I don’t want heavy makeup and light coverage. I just don’t know if once it runs out if it has impressed me enough to buy it again. We’ll see.

Product Three – Physicians Formula “Super BB All-In-1 Beauty Balm Powder” in Light/Medium

Recent Drug Store Purchases review photo 4


This BB powder has A LOT of potential.. There’s just a few flaws.

The packaging is really cute, but as soon as I opened it up the pan containing the powder fell right out (as shown in the photo above)! I guess it’s not an issue if you’re the type that likes to de-pot all your makeup, but it kind of made me upset that something BRAND NEW just fell apart. whatever, I just super glued it back in place.

The powder itself is sheer, not made for full coverage which is okay for me because I could use it to set my foundations and concealers. It has a pearlized finish to it, which is okay, but something I wasn’t really expecting.

I wish they also had more colors than just “Light,” “Light/Medium,” etc. The color of the powder is for pink undertones, and I’m a yellow undertone. I would suggest that they have the powders numbered, so that they cater to both pink and yellow undertones.

I have been using it daily, and so far it’s perfect for summer. I might actually go back and buy this a second time.


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