You NEED To Try These!

 I present to you…

YES! You heard me!

These five tinted moisturizers are by far the best that I have owned (and I own my fair share of them… 15 total! Yikes!)

So lets go down the line… Shall we?

Dr. Brandt – Flexitone BB Cream
This BB cream does exactly what it says it does. There is only one tube you can buy, but the magic is in the formula! It’s made to adjust to your skin tone as soon as it touches our face. The cream starts off as a grayish color, then once you start to rub it on your skin it adjusts to your shade. I don’t know how accurate the color ends up being, as sometimes I feel it ends up being too dark on my skin. For the most part though, it’s pretty close! That’s one of the reasons I made it my #5 must have. The second is that the SPF in it is pretty strong, and like sunscreen, if you get it too close to your eyes… it burns.
Wana try it? This can be purchased at

Etude House – BB Magic Cream
So I’m a sucker for Asian products… more specifically cosmetics. This BB is by far one of the best that I’ve ever owned. It’s a Korean brand, and the only down side to this BB is that there’s a VERY LIMITED number of skin shades. I believe the darkest one is a Medium shade. The texture of this cream is pretty amazing. It’s not too thick, but it does have build-able coverage. It still allows your skin to breathe, and stays on for hours at a time.
You can find this brand from or from

NARS – Tinted Moisturizer
This tinted moisturizer is one of the best that I’ve tried. It’s creamy, sheer, but still makes my skin look alive! It’s not gloppy or thick, and doesn’t have the strong smell of sunscreen as most other tinted moisturizers, BBs and CCs have. I will say that for the amount of time I’ve owned it, my skin hasn’t broken out or changed as it does with most products that go on my face. Definitely will be on my “to buy again” list!
You can buy this from

Laura Mercier – Tinted Moisturizer SPF20
This tinted moisturizer is at the top of my list, especially for these hot summer days!!! The formula is sheer, and does not have build-able coverage, but is by far the best to have on hot summer days. Not to be gross, but I could be sweating profusely and it will NOT budge. The SPF inside of it doesn’t give the, “Hey! I have sunscreen!” smell to it, meaning it’s okay for around the eyes. These tubes have multiple colors and shade options to them (12 total) meaning there is a BIG chance you’ll find that perfect shade!!! They also have an oil free option for you guys out there who are prone to breakouts or who already have oily skin and are tying to stray from other oily products.
I purchased mine from Naimies in LA, but you can purchase these at as well.

Hard Candy – CC Correction Creme
And the number one tinted moisturizer to purchase is from Hard Candy! I made this the #1 because it’s super affordable, has AMAZING coverage for it’s price, and has an awesome pearled finish to it! I wore it and was super impressed with the pay off. Unfortunately there are only 3 or 4 shades (the typical fair, light, medium and dark) but for those who can purchase these and can match youselves; you won’t be disappointed. The coverage is medium, so the consistency of the creme is a little thick but not so thick that you cannot easily blend it into your skin. I usually set my moisturizers with powder, but this finish is just too gorgeous that I just pass up the powder and just spritz my face with setting spray. Everyone who can match themselves to the shades they offer, NEEDS to own this CC cream!!!!!You can purchase this CC cream at your local Wal-Mart location



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