My August Favorites


August has come to a close and fall is right around the corner! But if you live in southern California as I do, you know summer never really ends until December. So here are a few of my favorites to keep my face summer fresh!


These blushes are this months favs! One is from Mac Cosmetics, Limited edition called “Rio,” the other is a cheapy $3.50 blush from Forever 21 and doesn’t have a name to it; all it’s called is “blush” and gives me an expiration date (as i feel ALL makeup products should have!) They’re both shimmering, but for a warmer look i go with “Rio,” and for a more dewy, cool look i choose the “No Name” blush. They’re both long lasting, and both are absolutely gorgeous! Proof that the $3.50 blush CAN compete with the $23 one 😉


NYX has always been my go-to for affordable makeup. So when I discovered this bronzer stick, I immediately fell in love! The color is a perfect mix of browns, golds, and bronze. It’s sheer but has buildable color coverage and smells so good! I found this stick by chance at my local TJ Maxx and I should’ve bought them all. I can’t seem to find them at stores like Ulta or Sallys, so if you ladies can tell me where to find this again, let me know!


And yes I’m raving and ranting about this again! I cannot begin to describe the amazingness this CC cream holds, and the best part is, is the fact it’s so affordable. Give it a shot! It’s great for those hot summer days!


And last is my LimeCrime lipstick in Babette! I purchased this at PhamExpo in LA this past June, and fell in love with it. The color is a pretty pinkish-peach and smells of vanilla! It’s super creamy, and super opaque. Perfect summer color!


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