Glamour with an Edge

The one thing I love about makeup and fashion, is that there are absolutely no rules to follow.

Makeup is a great way to spruce up your outfit, and is one of the main factors to determine if your entire look is feminine or edgy. One way to make your look glamourous but still punky, is to add a splash of bold color…



Now, you may be thinking,
“To my eyebrows?! Are you serious?!”

And the answer is, “Yes!”

Your eyes, lips, even cheeks get to have all the fun when it comes to color and your brows are always left alone, with the same “natural” colored brow powder. Try it once at least, and I promise you’ll love the idea! Will people look at you? Of course they will! You’re the center of beauty’s attention and don’t let some Plain-Jane judge your fashion statement.

Take a lesson from these fellow colored brow lovers!


Miss. Amy (aka Shrinkle) shows how she rocks colored brows with a neutral eye!


She even took it to the next level and added some glitter to the mix for a fabulous twist!


Lauren (aka QueenOfBlending) shows how she paired her lovely blue brows with a simple cat eye!


She also shows us how we can make color brows go from day to night! Look how gorgeous she looks in what would be a natural look, and how she transitioned “everyday” brows into a fierce night time look!

This amazing dancer, Jesse (aka @TheJesseFields) is showing how he paired his edgy brows to match his new hair color! Who says there’s such thing as “too much?” NOT ME!


Colored brows don’t need to be neon or brighy, but also can work as pastels like shown! The color range is endless!


If you want to try the trend but dont know how to exactly get the look, here’s a helpful step-by-step tutorial by Jenny (aka @jennyNIN.) It shows how she creates her bold brows in a flawless manner!

Have bold brows you wana share? Tag me on instagram using hashtag #DANIxDANGER and show me your stuff!!



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