My (late) review of Riri Loves Mac Fall Collection

So,  everyone and their mother has some how gotten their hands in Rihanna’s collaboration with Mac and has SWOONED over it all.

This is my PERSONAL take on the collection…

(I’m reviewing the more popular items, such as the blushes and lipsticks, and posting dupes if applicable.)

Now we have all seen swatches of Riri Woo, we’ll skip that one.



“TTT” (as it’s been abbreviated) is a deep cherry color, and is gorgeous when it can be applied evenly. The trouble is, it’s ridiculously hard to apply it on evenly! In this photo, I purposely did not apply lip liner to show its true application. It’s patchy. Darker in some spots, lighter in others. I personally love the color, and apparently I already have multiple dupes for it sitting in my makeup kit.


Fixed on Drama is also a retro matte color from Mac that is a near dead on dupe to Talk That Talk. Cherry Bomb from Wet N Wild is the CLOSEST if not EXACT dupe to Talk That Talk, but the finish is a bit different. Has a bit of a shine to it. A high gloss version of it would be Black Cherry from Milani Cosmetics. So if you couldn’t get a hold of TTT from the Fall Collection, here are some alternatives.



Nude is more of a brown nude instead of a pink, peachy nude. Which is different. Reminds me somewhat of Viva Glam Gaga 2. Also a retro matte shade, this one applies a bit easier. Not patchy at all, and my lips still feel moist and not dry. I was hesitant, thinking I would hate the color, but so far is my favorite from my collection. Haven’t found any dupes for this one, but I’m still searching!



Who’s That Chick is also a color that wasn’t a big seller from the collection, but is severely underrated! It’s such a gorgeous color, and it’s a shame no one really paid attention to this one! The color is an orange color, and isn’t matte. It’s a lipstick with some shine and shimmer to it. It’s, I’d describe as, a orange color with bronze under tones and gold shine.


I tried to find a dupe to it, but couldn’t from the lipsticks I currently own. Bronze Beauty and Orange-Gina from Milani I thought would be close dupes but I was way off. I’ll keep searching for this one too!



I absolutely love my cream and liquid highlighters. I own probably enough to ladt be the next 5 years, so I HAD to jump on the Riri Loves Mac one. It’s similar to Hush by Mac (as shown,) but isn’t as pink. They’re both labeled as “frost” finishes, but I feel Diamonds is a bit more sheer, and Hush is the true frost.
I love using Diamonds as an everyday, healthy glow, using on my cheek bones, the bridge of my nose, and on my Cupid’s bow. It’s a hard find, so if you can somehow get your hands on this, I suggest you do so!



When I first applied Bad Girl Gone Good, I immediately knew the dupe that would go to this. Mac’s Coppertone is the exact same color, BUT, I’m the person who goes “gaga” over packaging so I spent the extra couple bucks on this one. On certain skin tones it’ll be hard to see, more so on dark skin tones. I initially heard it was going to work great for women who had a darker complexion but have also heard it looks like there’s nothing on and isn’t worth it. I’m a white Mexican, so I wouldn’t be able to tell you from personal experience. But, if you want to swatch it yourself, try Coppertone and decide from there.
Hibiscus Kiss is my favorite blush/bronzer duo ever! I never purchased one from Mac before, usually they’re from Wet N Wild or Milani, and I’m glad I got mine from thia collection. I know this is also a relaunched item from her previous collection, but I missed it before, and the rose gold packaging makes it that much sweeter! It goes on smoothly, and isn’t patchy.


photo of swatches from

I have Riri Woo, I HAD Talk That Talk as a lip liner but returned it next day. Nightmoth is an EXACT dupe for TTT Lip liner, and I felt as if I wasted money on cute packaging when I had the same color already. Saved myself $21.50! But Riri Woo Lip liner I’d say is worth keeping. Perfect for reds other than Riri Woo Lipstick.

What items did you get from the collection? What are your reviews? Leave it in the comments!


Items from the collection I also have:


282/187 Brushes

I’m more of a collector when it comes to my LE makeup, so I don’t always open and touch my makeup in fear I won’t find it again. Yeah, weird phobia i know!


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