A Divine Night By Mac (Lipstick Review)


Anyone who follows me on Instagram and Facebook knows how much of a lipstick hoarder I am.

So it wasn’t much of a surprise to my followers when I posted I bought every shade of lipstick from this new collection:



The collection itself is, okay. On a scale from 1-5; 1 being, “don’t need it” and 5 being, “have to have it,” I’d say this one is a 2.5.


The lipsticks are, “eh.” Coming from me though, doesn’t mean anything because I’ll STILL buy them all.

They come in the following shades:

Private Party (satin)
★ You’ve Got It (frost)
★ Exclusive Event (satin)
★ Flair For Finery (lustre)
★ Prepare For Pleasure (creamsheen)

Here are a few swatches I did showing the color payoff:


Out of all of them, I think the colors that will be a hit within the collection are Private Party and Exclusive Event. Both are gorgeous colors and have a “fall” feel to them.

And for those who missed Nude from the ♡Mac collection, there may be an alternative:


Flair For Finery is perfect for the woman who wants just a hint of a pink lip, and Prepare For Pleasure may end up being dor those who want a red lip, but dont want the density of a matte lipstick or the stickiness from a gloss.

You’ve Got It isn’t a color that’s made to be worn alone. You NEED a lip liner all over the lip for it to pop, or even use it to give another lipstick a hint of gold.

All in all, for those who actually WEAR every lipstick they own, as I had mentioned earlier Exclusive Event and Private Party may be for you. Everything else would be for collectors such as myself.

Have you had a chance to grab something from this collection? What would you recommend? Let me know!!!


⇨⇨⇨A later review for the blushes will be added some time next week when I purchase the sets…⇦⇦⇦


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