A Holiday Must Have!

I don’t know about some you ladies, but every year I always look forward to the holiday kits Ulta and Sephora have to offer.

So far, all the kits have been pretty impressive. As I was at Ulta yesterday, one really caught my eye.


This is the Tarte, “Gorgeous Getaways” kit. What I love most about it is that a has full sized everything, unlike others that have everything sample sized or cut the product portions in half.

This is what comes inside:



IT’S ONLY $48!!!!!

Which is pretty much a STEAL when you take into consideration that one palette quad from Tarte is $22+!

It comes with 16 full size shadows, 4 full size blushes and 3 full size glosses along with the travel palette.

The whole theme is based off a place where you would get away and travel to.


I placed a Mac lipstick next to the glosses to show their size.

The names of the glosses are in order:
★New York Minute
★Czech Me Out
★When In Rome


(Above are swatches done on my lips. I always feel swatches for lip gloss give me the wrong color if done on my hand because of how sheer they really are.)

They have a minty smell and give the lips a bit of a tingling feeling. I don’t mind, but some people may.





These are the eyeshadows and blushes.
With names like “Midnight In Paris” and “Big Ben” it fits the getaway theme.


Colors are:
♥Taj Mahal
♥Grand Canyon
♥Big Ben
♥Central Park
♥Santroni Bikini
♥Great Sphynx
♥Pacific Sunset
♥Belgian Chocolate
♥Buckingham Palace
♥Rocky Mountains
♥Gold Coast
♥Eiffel Tower
♥Space Needle
♥Midnight In Paris

Blushes are standard Tarte shades such as:

My favorite part is the travel palette!




It’s super cute and reminds me of a big bow! It holds one shadow quad and is made of a super soft faux leather material. It even has it’s own mirror that is pretty large for a travel palette!

The kit can be found in any Ulta location or at Ulta.com if you’re like me and are an online shopping addict!

Is this on your Christmas list?

Let me know if this is a snag or if it’s something you’d leave behind in a comment below!



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