Dose Of Colors Lipgloss REVIEW


Hello fellow beauty junkies!

I’ve heard a lot about Dose Of Colors  as far as eye lashes and lipsticks go, so I really wanted to stop by their booth at I.M.A.T.S Los Angeles this past weekend to see what they were really about.

I never really have been one to purchase or even use glosses (I’m more of a lipstick kind of gal,) so I found it odd that the glosses ended up tickling my fancy more than the lipsticks did. Crazy – I know, but I’m glad I got them.

I got three different colors (shown below.) There are two bright colors and one that wouldn’t be too “in your face” while I’m at work.


Petals (a pale pink)◆ Purple Fusion (a bright purple) ◆ Wild Child (a fuchsia with a purple metalic sheen – just added to the collection)

The colors go on flawlessly and are super pigmented. I wouldn’t call them glosses personally, but more of a liquid lipstick.




They’re not sticky and they’re very opaque. I can’t really tell you the longevity of them, as to I only wore them as swatches for the sake of taking these photos. They don’t have a strong scent to them, so for those who cannot stand the smell of glosses or lipsticks from Mac or LimeCrime, these may be for you.

They’re $15 each, but there is a bundle deal to where if you purchase all nine shades it’s a total of $115 (a $20 discount.)

So to answer your question…

Yes; I would recommend these glosses in a heartbeat.

Have you tried this product before? Tell me how your experiences differ or are similar to mine!




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