House Of Mouse Review

So let me start my saying I apologize because this is 100% not a beauty related review but I seriously LOVE this so much…

I’m the person who uses social media to not only stay in touch with people and well, be social, but to discover new talents and brands.

Now, I live in Southern California and like most So Cal residents I own a Disneyland pass that allows me to enter the park freely… granted I’m not within a blacked out period.

I therefore own 3 sets of mouse ears: the original Mousketeer ears, a set of Minnie ears attached to a baseball hat, and the standard Minnie furry mouse ears. I wanted something unique, because frankly the sets of ears that I owned, EVERYONE had. Yeah they were cute… but what’s really unique about me wearing them? Nothing. I was a “twinsie” with every teenaged girl who quite possibly convinced her parents to buy her a set.

I then stumbled on an Instagram account with the handle @HouseOfMouse_ and I seriously almost IMMEDIATELY fell in love, and CUSTOM ORDERED a pair of ears on the spot. Yes, I custom ordered my ears!


All the mouse ears are hand made and made of the best materials and fabric, from cotton, fleece and lace to name a few. The actual build quality of the ears are surprisingly sturdy! I was kind of expecting a craft project. I was wrong.

Now let me tell you exactly what I ordered:

I wanted black mouse ears, but I wanted the bow to have Star Wars print on them. I also wanted a purple star in the center of the bow. She asked if I wanted the ears to be sparkley, so OF COURSE I said yes.

This is what I got in the mail 5 days after I placed my order:


They were exactly what I wanted, and more! The ears do not feel cheap at all. Durable, lots of careful detailing, and as I said earlier made with great fabric quality. I was so excited I had to put them on right away!

I will for sure start ordering more custom ears from this small company and I strongly recommend them to all Disney lovers!



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