Sauce Box “Etude Palette” Review

Hola beauty crazies!!!


So “obvi” I was at IMATS last weekend and bought a CRAP load of makeup that I probably didn’t need.

Now, during my weekend adventure I kept walking back to the Sauce Box booth debating which palette I really wanted to go with, or if I even wanted to purchase from there at all.

Did I want shimmer? Did i want matte? Neutral? Bold? Ah, the choices were killing me! But, given some tips by Kevin James Bennett (my absolute FAVORITE makeup artist) I decided to go with a matte palette.

So, here I went. Making my way back to the Sauce Box booth and I finally made a purchase. The girl had even recognized me because of how long I was there the day prior.

I. Was. Embarrassed.

Whatever. I was buying something FOR SURE, FOR SURE this time.


I ended up purchasing a limited edition palette called “Etude” from them. What sold me really wad that the swatches on my fingers came out pretty good and I owned a palette from them already. So what the heck. Kevin said I needed a great neutral, matte palette anyway.

Now, I may get some people upset because everyone was raving about this palette after the show. Even so on my Instagram when I announced I was going to post this review.

This is my honest opinion. Sorry in advance…


The colors themselves are gorgeous. I love that as with all SB palettes, the pans are interchangeable and I can reuse the palette even after the shadows are all used up.

Now for the swatches…


These are 100% true to color, with and without flash. 13Mp camera. No editing at all.

These are also on top of Stila’s Primer Pot in Taffy. These shadows NEED a primer for them to stick. Everyone for the most part uses primer though. So maybe that won’t be an issue. Some of the colors are hard to blend. I don’t usually have this issue with the current SB products that I own, so maybe it’s in this formula. Who knows.

I tried wearing these colors today, and they just didn’t translate the same to my lids as they did to my arm. Which was a bummer. Whatever. It’s still good for contouring and what not.

So, in conclusion I would rate this palette a 3.5/5, based off color payoff, ease of application and fall out.

Did you love it? Or did you pass? Let me know!



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