Mac for Proenza Schouler (Review)


Alright guys, so as everyone knows I don’t get paid to do reviews, I buy the products out of my own pocket, and therefore I’ll give my complete and honest opinion.

I ordered the Proenza collection from Mac because of packaging (whoever says they never do that is a liar.) So i preordered some items from Mac’s website (which I have already received) and some from I received my order before my Nordstrom order, so I decided to swatch whatever I had here and go to the mall to see the rest.


Now, I am extremely disappointed with the collection, down to the enormous shipping mishap Mac online has going on. Now to explain, EVERYONE who ordered one shade of blush, got the opposite. I’m still waiting on a word to which I hope I can get the right color.


All the lip pencils and eye pencils are repackaged from the permanent line. Mac has done this before, so I suppose it’s no biggie. My Nordstrom order has all four lipsticks included, along with both blush shades and the limited edition brush.

Ocean City is the orange ombre blush, Sunset Beach is the pink. I ordered Sunset Beach but received Ocean City. I originally was upset, until I actually went in the store and saw that it wasn’t all a bad thing that I got the wrong blush. Actually, Ocean City was easier to work with than Sunset Beach was. Ocean City (I’ll start abbreviating as OC) is EXTREMELY similar to Ripe Peach, another limited edition blush from Mac, but OC has a little more shimmer to it. Sunset Beach (which I’ll shorten to SB) is very, very, veeery hard to work with. Getting product on a brush was so hard I seriously said aloud, “what the heck?” and immediately set it back down. Not worried about not having that anymore.

As for the lipsticks…


I’ll name them in order so you can follow the rest of my review:

Woodrose: a light pinkish-beige. Its categorized as a Luster.
Pinkfringe: a bright flamingo pink, categorized as a satin
Mangrove: a matte blood orange color
Primrose:  a very sheer berry plum (luster)

Woodrose turned into a lipbalm. There seriously wasn’t ANY color to it on my lips. No color payoff at all. I didn’t understand how they even could sell it. That’s going back as soon as I get my Nordstrom order in the mail.

Pinkfringe is a pretty color, but I feel can be easily duped with a drug store brand. I had swatch tested it on the back of my hand, but it didn’t excite me. Felt like I had something exactly like it already. I’m not 100% sure if I’ll keep that one. I’ll update this as soon as I figure it out.

Mangrove is my favorite so far. I’m not sure if its because I’m biased to mattes, or because orange is my favorite color. this I have a photo for:


I’m seriously in love with the color pay off. I didn’t need layers over layers to get this color.

Primrose completely threw me off. I was severely disappointed. It’s very sheer, and in order for it to work needs a lip liner for sure under it. This photo is only the lipstick after, I’d say, 4-5 swipes over my lips:


It reminds me A LOT of Boyfriend Stealer from the Archie collection. I really couldn’t tell a difference. I am a bit upset it wasn’t darker. Maybe it would’ve worked as a luster or a satin.

All in all, the packaging is what sold me, and I’m so upset the formulas weren’t all there. I’d say, pass and wait for Alluring Aquatic and Osbourne’s. Hopefully those are better collections!


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