Make Up Splurges 2014!!!


   Hi everyone!
   So last year I made a “Splurge List” for the VIB events at Sephora and discounts everywhere else. So here I am… giving you a new list for this year’s products!!!
   This year I’m naming things that aren’t just found at Sephora, but places like Nordstrom, Ulta, and so on due to’s crazy amount of cash back, and’s coupons!


So here’s the list:

1) Tarte Cosmetics Pin Up Blush Palette


Price: $42
Why: The blushes that Tarte makes are to die for. I was lucky enough to have Jenn give me some to try out, and completely fell in love. When I saw that another palette was coming out (I have last year’s “Off The Cuff”) I was extremely excited! Mind you these are full sized blushes, and normally eacg blush compact sells for $26 EACH. It’s not the greatest for travel, or kit use as to it’s bulky, but for the collector or the girl who likes great makeup and keeping her vanity pretty, this would be a great buy!!!

2) Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette


Price: $58
Why: Any woman who loves makeup and applying it knows a great contour job also requires immaculate highlighting as well. This was a limited edition product last year, and wasn’t really on my radar at the time, but after using it and seeing how much my face glows, I definitely feel everyone has to have this palette. A little goes a long way, and I use it sometimes as a highlight on my clavicle and brow bone.

3) Glam Glow Mud Masks


Price: $69
Why: I’m a sucker for facial masks, which is probably the only form of skin care I actually use (believe it or not.) I particularly love clay masks, and this one trumps over every single one I’ve ever used. As you’re wearing it, you can actually see the dirt and grease being cleared from your skin. Once you wash it off, you skin immediately looks radiant and it even feels clean. I only buy these once the year. Yes you guessed it… only when Friends and Family or VIB discounts come around, and when I do, I stock up!

4) Viseart Eyeshadow Palettes


Price: $80
Why: I really can’t explain the excitement I had when Viseart made it’s way into Sephora locations. I had one that I used on all my brides (this one pictured is the neutral palette) and it’s seriously is my favorite. It surpasses my Lorac Pro palettes, and if you follow me on Instagram or Facebook you KNOW my love for Lorac. They glide like butter, and have little to no fall out. They may be a bit pricey, but they meet all expectations and are worthy of the $80 price tag.

5) Hourglass Ambient Blush Palette


Price: $58
Why: The love I have for the Highlight Palette is superior to anything Hourglass carries, but their blushes come real close. The reason I love these brushes is because they give a natural looking glow to the skin. They apply easy to the skin, and stay all day. If you can’t afford the palette or miss it (yes, this is limited edition also) you can try their single blush compacts. They’re significantly larger in size, and retail at $35 each. This palette is the better deal, in my opinion. Just get it.

6) Lorac Pro (1, 2, and Mega)


Price: $40-$59
Why: As mentioned earlier, I swear by Lorac eyeshadow palettes. It’s what I personally use daily, and in every single look I do, whether it be a pretty bridal look or a crazy Halloween look, my Lorac Pro Palettes are always involved. The Lorac Mega is limited edition and can only be found on or Lorac’s website, but the Pro1 and Pro2 can be found at Ulta or even Kohl’s. Open a Kohl’s rewards card and you’ll earn some points and even be part of their Cash Back program, which can be used on MORE make up!

7) Make-up Artist Cosmetics (MAC) Lipsticks


Price: $16 (Regular Collection)
$17-22 (Limited Edition Tubes)
Why: My kit is FILLED with MAC lipsticks. They’re hands down my favorite brand to use. I believe I have over 100 lipstick tubes from MAC, and I’m not ashamed. They’re long lasting, and worth every penny. Now you’re probably saying, “Why include MAC? They never go on sale!” Why, on the contrary, they do. Now if you order anything through Ebates, you should know and are always giving a certain amount of cash back, and if you have a Nords or Macy’s card, you’ll also get points for purchasing anything in the store… Yes, make-up included.

8) Original Beauty Box


Price: $119-159
Why: Okay, okay. I may have a biased opinion on this one because I did intern for Jessica and Original Beauty Box, but hear me out… They’re seriously amazing. I own both the original and the deluxe sizes and they’re the bees-knees. My vanity would be a mess without them, and if I need to take all my makeup with me for any reason, (which has happened before… Vegas trips and other trips that require that I look glamourous) it’s a cinch. The boxes are durable, haven’t turned yellow, drawers glide open, and I can actually see everything I own through the boxes. Sign up for the emails to keep you updated, as to we always have holiday sales!

9) Melt Cosmetics


Price: $19
Why: They’re an Indie brand with high-end quality. Sure, they’re $3 more than what a MAC lipstick would cost, but the longevity, funky colors, and pigmentation is through the roof. I own seven of these lipsticks, and always get compliments, no matter which color I’m wearing. All the funky shades actually are wearable for day use, and can be mixed with other colors to be either up or down played. Definitely something to add to your cart!

10) Marc Jacobs Dot Eau De Parfum


Price: $24-$94
Why: Not only will the bottle make your vanity look pretty, but the scent is to die for. Dot is probably my favorite perfume to wear, and can be worn all year long. Yes, it’s more of a day scent, but the sweet combination of fruitiness and florals definitely combine well! Ulta, Macy’s, Nordstrom, Sephora… they all carry this scent, so how you use your discounts and gift cards is completely up to you!


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