Sephora Lustre Mattes Review


Hello! Now there has been a big beauty trend floating around, and I like to call it “Battle Of The Liquid Matte.” It’s pretty self explanatory.

Well coming from someone who absolutely ADORES matte lipstick, I try as often as I can to get in on whatever hype Instagram wants me to get on so I can properly put in my own .02¢ on a product. Then I decide to return it, or keep it. Yes, I’m “that” girl.

So, everyone was raving about the Sephora Creme Matte lipsticks (or glosses… whatever they’re referred as) and actually stumbled on the lustre mattes by complete and utter accident.


So, as any girl would do, I bought three. They’re $16. Why not?



(Tube shown next to Mac lipstick for reference)

Now, I bought one that would make me feel sexy (Cranberry,) one to make me feel sweet (Pink Flush,) and one more muted for every day at work (Fig. And yes I still have a real job that pays me an hourly. It’s how I can afford these.)

Here’s swatch numeró uno, with Cranberry:



Now for reference, I wear Mac Matchmaster 2.0, am an NC40 powder, and usually wear light/medium drug store brand shades.

I had little to no opinion originally when I saw this at the shop, but once I got home and actually slathered it on, I immediately patted myself on the back with a, “Good job, Dani!” Because I absolutely loved the color. Extremely easy to apply, not drying, and wasn’t at all patchy!

So with such success from the first swatch, I immediately wanted to try the other two.

Swatch numeró dos:



Here I introduce to you, Pink Flush. Not super impressed with this one. Odd, but for some reason, this particular color wasn’t as easy to apply for me. It was pretty when I swatched it on my hand, just not as pretty on. I felt this one was a tad patchy and inconsistent with the first one. This one is going back. Or I may keep it and give it a second chance to redeem itself.

Swatch numeró tres:



Ah… Fig. Now we’re talkin’. I probably have more nudey-mauvey lipsticks now than I ever had, but this one gives just the right amount of nudey-mauve. If that makes ANY kind of sense. I wore this today to work, and I only had to reapply ONCE. After I ate my bean and cheese burrito from Taco Bell for lunch.

This liquid to matte stays a little more shiny than most other liquid mattes, but it’s probably why they’re called “lustre” mattes (go figure.) They’re not at all drying, and my lips were actually moist throughout the day.

So all in all, I’ll give these a rating of 4 of 5stars. Mainly because of the texture from Pink Flush. I may buy more of these once my local Sephora’s stock more colors.



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