Jeffree Star Cosmetics


As most of you know, I occasionally work with different beauty companies for promo purposes (make-up show, imats, phamexpo, etc) and had my fair share of both bad and good experiences with cosmetic companies.

I ordered my very first JSC lipstick as soon as midnight hit on Friday, 3/13. I ordered (714.)


The shipping confirmation was sent to me later that day (yes that quick,) and I received it today, 3/16. I was impressed.

Then I actually opened the box. The product packaging was super pretty. Sturdy. Looked expensive. The actual quality of the product was immaculate. I couldn’t help myself and tried it on immediately. When Jeffree says it’s kiss proof, it really is kiss proof! I couldn’t even wipe it off even after I finished eating. It wasn’t drying, it was vibrant, and didn’t have an odd smell to it as some other liquid to matte lipsticks have had.


JSC did great homework and made a GREAT product. I will continue to buy from Jeffree Star Cosmetics and actually just placed my order for RedRum!

What are your thoughts?


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