Bitter Lace Beauty review


So as any make up artist or enthusiast knows, the more you own the more your vanity holds and the more weight you have to carry in your kit. I hated those cardboard Freestyle palettes that you can find at any major beauty supply store, and the plastic ones weren’t the sturdiest. I came to accept I probably had no choice.

I found out about this small business through a Facebook acquaintance named Jenna. She hand makes palettes and has a small business called Bitter Lace Beauty.

I ordered two palettes. One large measuring 12×6 and a smaller one measuring 6×4.



The large holds 116 Mac size pans and 64 Make-up Forever pans. Smaller one holds 30 Mac size pans and 12 Make-up Forever pans. These are so much better than what I anticipated!

They’re made of wood and metal hardware. They feel incredibly sturdy and although made from wood, aren’t as heavy as I originally anticipated. They’re able to be customize with your own image or you can purchase a premade design.



The palettes have a double sided magnetic floor, and a strong magnetic closure. The pans stay still. I haven’t had any of them slide around or move so far. Sp that’s a plus!



She’s also included a pressed powder highlighter from her new line. This shade is called New Seashells and is gorgeous! The highlight formula is pigmented, soft and blendable. The shade itself is an opalescent pink with purple shimmers.


Bitter Lace Beauty also has a limited edition pack to where you can purchase the entire line of highlighters with a blinged out touch.

I love these palettes so far and feel they’re worth every penny. I rate these a 5 of 5, and plan on making many future purchases.
Get one. You will not regret it!


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