REVOLUTION Cosmetics’ Liquid To Matte Lipstick


Revolution Cosmetics has always been on my bucket list of make up to try. Being that it was primarily U.K based, it was difficult for me to get my hands on anything from them.

Today I walked into Ulta by my work to purchase a, “No UV light needed” gel top coat polish, and was disappointed in that Ulta’s small polish selection. I couldn’t find anything I was looking for, for once in Ulta history. As I was about to walk away defeated, I stumbled upon a new end cap, with a sign that said, “Revolution.” I immediately had a mini freak out, thinking, “are you serious right now!?” And bought the three liquid lipstick shades that stuck out to me…

And in typical Dani Danger fashion, they were orange purples.


Now I know exactly what you’re thinking, “why do you have so many liquid to matte lipsticks, Dani?!” And honestly sometimes I ask myself the same thing.

As I was saying…

The formula at first threw me off. It was a cross between LA Splash and NYX matte lip cremes. I thought, “great, it’s going to be a flop.

I was wrong.


I should’ve waited to take these photos after they completely dried up, because they’re extremely matte after. All three shades were slighly hard to put on as they were applying a little uneven, but found that applying in layers helped. They don’t have a scent to them, so no “yummy smells like vanilla” or “holy cow this smells like paint” reactions.

They’re smudge proof. Extremely smudge proof. Waterproof I would say. I tried scrubbing the swatches off my arm and had a difficult time removing them!


Oh! And the best part:

They’re only $5.

The next items to try will be shadow palettes for me. Stay tuned for that review!



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