Amuck! Highlight Review


My love for liquid lipsticks and highlighters is endless. Give me a good liquid lipstick, and a killer highlight and I’m set for the day.

Well, yesterday was my birthday and spent my day at Disneyland with my baby sister (her birthday was Monday) and got tired of the lines early. So we left. When I got home, I checked my mail, and there it was…


I introduce to you, the limited edition highlight pan from Bitter Lace Beauty called “Amuck.” Named after Hocus Pocus, it was properly named and launched as a Halloween 2015 special edition. Once they’re gone, that’s it!

The imprint on it continues it’s spooky, Halloweenie vibe.


It’s a grey purple color with greenish iridescent sparkles. It doesn’t sound appealing just by having it described, so I made a swatch as soon as I opened the package:


I also wore it today 🙂


(Please excuse the odd car selfie.)

Definitely make this part of your palette. The formula Amuck is made of is consistent with the pigmentation and buttery, softness of the other highlight pans in her shop. Super blendable, and can layer for a hint of highlight, or heavy if you’re into looking like a Cullen.

Get it while it’s still here!


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