Jem And The Holograms x Sephora Eyeshadow Palette


I’m all about holiday kits and palettes that Ulta and Sephora come out with. Really, it’s probably the best time of the year for me.

So when I heard there was a movie remake of Jem And The Holograms, I cried a little because:

1) They didn’t follow any of the original story line from the original show. Tears of sadness.

2) They made a collaboration with Sephora to bless my vanity with. Tears of joy.

It’s a love-hate feeling.

So, I went to my nearest Sephora, mainly to get my Nars birthday gift from them (WHICH THEY RAN OUT OF BY THE WAY!!! ::angry mumble::) and what was the first display that I saw? Yup. You guessed it.


So I bought it.


The outside of the palette is a glittery black fabric, with a hot pink flap decorated with the Jem logo. Open it up, and it is adorned with hot pink and black lightning bolts, and the shadows rest on a holographic background. There is a full sized mirror built in. So that helps a lot since most palettes come with a little or no mirror at all.

I’ll be completely honest and say I really wasn’t expecting anything great coming from Sephora’s line of cosmetics. They’re usually dusty, chalky, crease prone, and color payoff isn’t usually there.

Boy have they stepped their game up.

I made the first swatch into Keytar. Super buttery soft, and extremely pigmented! A shocker for me, for sure. That’s when I decided to swatch them ALL.


Holy pigmentation, Batman!

Granted, this is swatched on Urban Decay Primer Potion, but can you just die over these colors??? I know I can! Cassette, Raya, Pizzazz and Keytar are my favorites so far from the palette.

They also had a liquid lipstick set that I thought about getting, but when swatched in store I knew I’d only be buying it for two shades of the five. So I passed.

I’m still a little obsessed about the fact they came out with a Manic Panic Jem set.


I just couldn’t bring myself to pay $19 a bottle when I can get the same non-Jem bottle at CosmoProf for $8.

All in all, I’m super surprised with the quality of my palette and I’m really excited to come up with looks using it. You go, Sephora. Stepping up your cosmetic game and what not. You go, girl.

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