Gwen x Urban Decay


I’m an OC girl. I grew up being able to ride my bike to the beach by following the river bed, felt like I lived at Disneyland, seen legitimate Angel’s vs Dodgers feuds, and my area code is (562) with a La Habra prefix. That said, Gwen Stefani and I already have a lot in common, or so I’d like to think.

I grew up listening to No Doubt when it was Ska, and Trapped In A Box was my jam. Sure, I might have been three years old at the time, but I knew what good music was… I think.

With that said, I was a little heart broken when Gwen split from the group to do her own thing. I didn’t know how to take the fact that this Ska singer was going in a Pop star direction! My friend from high-school, Jackie, would listen to her Love.Angel.Music.Baby c.d literally on repeat. Not kidding, the c.d would loop in her car. Over. And over. And over again. So her new stuff grew on me. Okay. I was a fan of solo Gwen.

Then came the L.A.M.B bags. I had one. You probably had one. The whole world needed these Le Sport Sac L.A.M.B bags. She heard our prayer and created a line; made gorgeous shoes and purses that I couldn’t afford. I still don’t own a pair of L.A.M.B heels, but one day I will!

So now that the back story rant is done, if you follow my blog or have hired me for any type of makeup work you should know that I swear up and down by Urban Decay shadows. They can do no wrong and if you think otherwise you’re nuts… but that’s my opinion.

So, imagine my enthusiasm when they leaked the GSxUD collab?

Yep. Pretty fu$%ing excited.

So then came the launch date…
November 22. Good God and all that is holy. I needed this palette like, Yesterday.

So I was patient and waited. Then the day came. Sold out.

Damn it all to bloody hell!

I looked through the pages upon pages upon PAGES of Instagram posts with the hashtag #udxgwen and was jealous of everyone who got one. Then I went through the pictures some more, and to be honest, wasn’t really jealous anymore. I swore the colors weren’t anything special.

Bland. Boring. Meh…

“Okay, so maybe I didn’t actually miss out on anything,” I thought. So life went on.

I had to walk into Sephora to exchange something that just didn’t work out for me. Walking through the aisles, I saw palettes that I always see while in Sephora, discovered Ciaté made something other than nail polish, and picked up some more of my favorite liquid highlighter (it’s by Josie Maran by the way and it’s to die for!)

I walk by the Gwen palette, swatched a couple colors, and just bit the bullet.

I swipe my card for the cost difference of whatever I exchanged for this palette. It’s mine. It’s in my bag. It’s done.

While I will admit it’s the packaging that REALLY sold me on it, I wasn’t planning on loving the shadows. I still thought, “meh,” about them.



(But seriously… that packaging though.)

That palette is probably the most photogenic palette I own. It still just sat in a drawer for a little. That’s when I finally thought, “look, you bought it, you may as well use it.”

So that’s exactly what I did.



At first glance the colors are repetitive. What’s with all the neutrals and random pink and navy blue thrown in there? I knew it. The one Urban Decay palette I would hate. Damn it.

That’s when I swatched them.
Okay. Just kidding. Maybe I like it after all.


(For the swatch image, shades go from left to right from palette.)

While it IS still a very neutral palette with lots of browns, I say it’s different from what I have in my Naked palettes. There are quite of few shimmer shades that remind me a lot of the foiled shadows from MakeUpGeek, such as 1987 and Steady that swatched beautifully, while Pop and Harajuku didn’t swatch well.

I really enjoy this palette, and it surprised me after all was said and done. I’m glad I convinced myself to grab it!


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