Milani Eyes


I’m always asked for good drugstore alternatives that would be good substitutes for those more expensive, popular palettes we find in places like Ulta or Sephora.

I went to my local Walmart a few weeks back and found a few I would consider giving a try. I had good luck with Milani, so I decided to go with that.



The Everyday Eyes palettes are a good palette at a good price. I believe I paid $12 for the palette, and came in three different color variations. I got one in 01 Must Have Neutrals. I thought it was a good substitute for the Naked palettes. It comes with a dual ended brush. A legitimate brush, not the sponges most drugstore shadows come with. One side is a blending brush, the other is a tapered crease brush.


The swatches I made, shown above, are on dry skin. No primer or anything applied on my skin. Each shade has at least 2-3 swipes of product layered on. The first two frosty shades applied well. The taupe shades needed two sweeps of product, but the black in the palette was extremely patchy, and needed, not kidding, four full, heavy swipes of product to get it so opaque.

They don’t wear well, unfortunately. My eyeshadow creased in about a two hour span. I even tried using a base (Too Faced and Urban Decay) and it did last slightly longer, but not long enough to hold up my 10 hour work day.

I really wanted to love this palette, as I LOVE Milani’s new 2in1 foundation and wear that daily, and swear by their liquid eyeliner pencils. The search will continue for the best drug store eyeshadow palette!


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