Tooth&Nail Cosmetics review 

You know I love indie companies. In fact, I’m all for the small businesses and I love supporting them. So when I came across @toothandnailcosmetics on Instagram, it was a bit of a no brainer that I wanted to support them.

They originally caught my eye with their Sailor Moon collection. I loooove Sailor Moon, and I love highlighters but missed the collection. Although I was a little bummed out, I still wanted to try their products out. 

Now at this point in time, they were going to release a Nightmare Before Christmas collection (seems like they create a new collection every month, really keeps the customers on their toes!)  but I really wanted another highlight called Hocus Pocus and wanted to order that before it sold out. 

So that’s exactly what I did. I ordered two highlights (Hocus Pocus, which is shown above, and Frigid) and a liquid lipstick called DOD. I ordered it all October 2nd.

On October 10th, I still had nothing. Not a shipping email or even my product in hand. I emailed the company and had received a fairly fast response. The email assured me my package would be shipped out soon, but was never given an exact date. Sally’s Song (shown in a swatch in the photo above) was my next purchase for my youngest sister’s birthday and I needed that by the 22nd of October, and I had mentioned that to the owner and they assured me they would have it out in time, but I for some reason didn’t trust it. I didn’t place a 2nd order. 

Now yesterday, November 1st , I finally received my order. Shown below is exactly what I received:

Notice I’m missing my liquid lipstick. I waited a full month, so imagine my complete and utter disappointment when I opened my package. 

Frigid was $9 and is a smaller pan. It looks homemade. It’s half filled and the visual texture of the powder looks like a paper towel was used to be pressed down. 

The powder is also not fully pressed down. When I went to run my finger across it  for a swatch, I felt the powder push down more. Doesn’t bother me now, I just hope it doesn’t break while traveling . 

The second highlight I got (as mentioned) is called Hocus Pocus. Hocus Pocus, again, visually was disappointing for me. It was $12, so I’m not going to complain much, but it looked like it was packed last minute. 

This is EXACTLY what I got. As I said, not really gona complain since everything is hand made, but I’ve purchased from other brands that are handmade cosmetics (such as Bitter Lace Beauty) and they look nothing like this. 

Now although they took a while to ship, and they visually aren’t appealing, the color and pigmentation is great. 

Frigid to the left, Hocus Pocus to the right. 

Better look at Hocus Pocus . 

So, in my disappointment of missing my liquid lipstick, I took to Instagram to see if anyone else had the same issue… And there was a sea of issues similar to mine. 

I was apparently fortunate. Each time I emailed I always had a response within the hour. I had emailed T&N about my missing product and got a refund back in about an hour after asking about it. 

It seems to me it’s a one person show, so I feel a little bad even making this review. I honestly love the product, but I’m so hesitant to make a second order for more. 


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