Tooth&Nail Cosmetics review 

You know I love indie companies. In fact, I’m all for the small businesses and I love supporting them. So when I came across @toothandnailcosmetics on Instagram, it was a bit of a no brainer that I wanted to support them.

They originally caught my eye with their Sailor Moon collection. I loooove Sailor Moon, and I love highlighters but missed the collection. Although I was a little bummed out, I still wanted to try their products out. 

Now at this point in time, they were going to release a Nightmare Before Christmas collection (seems like they create a new collection every month, really keeps the customers on their toes!)  but I really wanted another highlight called Hocus Pocus and wanted to order that before it sold out. 

So that’s exactly what I did. I ordered two highlights (Hocus Pocus, which is shown above, and Frigid) and a liquid lipstick called DOD. I ordered it all October 2nd.

On October 10th, I still had nothing. Not a shipping email or even my product in hand. I emailed the company and had received a fairly fast response. The email assured me my package would be shipped out soon, but was never given an exact date. Sally’s Song (shown in a swatch in the photo above) was my next purchase for my youngest sister’s birthday and I needed that by the 22nd of October, and I had mentioned that to the owner and they assured me they would have it out in time, but I for some reason didn’t trust it. I didn’t place a 2nd order. 

Now yesterday, November 1st , I finally received my order. Shown below is exactly what I received:

Notice I’m missing my liquid lipstick. I waited a full month, so imagine my complete and utter disappointment when I opened my package. 

Frigid was $9 and is a smaller pan. It looks homemade. It’s half filled and the visual texture of the powder looks like a paper towel was used to be pressed down. 

The powder is also not fully pressed down. When I went to run my finger across it  for a swatch, I felt the powder push down more. Doesn’t bother me now, I just hope it doesn’t break while traveling . 

The second highlight I got (as mentioned) is called Hocus Pocus. Hocus Pocus, again, visually was disappointing for me. It was $12, so I’m not going to complain much, but it looked like it was packed last minute. 

This is EXACTLY what I got. As I said, not really gona complain since everything is hand made, but I’ve purchased from other brands that are handmade cosmetics (such as Bitter Lace Beauty) and they look nothing like this. 

Now although they took a while to ship, and they visually aren’t appealing, the color and pigmentation is great. 

Frigid to the left, Hocus Pocus to the right. 

Better look at Hocus Pocus . 

So, in my disappointment of missing my liquid lipstick, I took to Instagram to see if anyone else had the same issue… And there was a sea of issues similar to mine. 

I was apparently fortunate. Each time I emailed I always had a response within the hour. I had emailed T&N about my missing product and got a refund back in about an hour after asking about it. 

It seems to me it’s a one person show, so I feel a little bad even making this review. I honestly love the product, but I’m so hesitant to make a second order for more. 


Milani Eyes


I’m always asked for good drugstore alternatives that would be good substitutes for those more expensive, popular palettes we find in places like Ulta or Sephora.

I went to my local Walmart a few weeks back and found a few I would consider giving a try. I had good luck with Milani, so I decided to go with that.



The Everyday Eyes palettes are a good palette at a good price. I believe I paid $12 for the palette, and came in three different color variations. I got one in 01 Must Have Neutrals. I thought it was a good substitute for the Naked palettes. It comes with a dual ended brush. A legitimate brush, not the sponges most drugstore shadows come with. One side is a blending brush, the other is a tapered crease brush.


The swatches I made, shown above, are on dry skin. No primer or anything applied on my skin. Each shade has at least 2-3 swipes of product layered on. The first two frosty shades applied well. The taupe shades needed two sweeps of product, but the black in the palette was extremely patchy, and needed, not kidding, four full, heavy swipes of product to get it so opaque.

They don’t wear well, unfortunately. My eyeshadow creased in about a two hour span. I even tried using a base (Too Faced and Urban Decay) and it did last slightly longer, but not long enough to hold up my 10 hour work day.

I really wanted to love this palette, as I LOVE Milani’s new 2in1 foundation and wear that daily, and swear by their liquid eyeliner pencils. The search will continue for the best drug store eyeshadow palette!


Sugarpill Limited Edition “Trinket” Liquid Lipstick


The moment all makeup junkies have been waiting for…

SugarPill has made a liquid lipstick.
I repeat…

And it’s called Trinket.

Aaaaaand as we expected, it sold out in seconds.

I though, was lucky enough to grab a couple from this year’s IMATS L.A.


The art on the tube is designed by Sydney based artist, Bei Badgirl (@beibadgirl).

The package it comes in has the same art as the tube itself, and the tube is fairly long. Longer than Limecrime liquid lipstick tubes I’d say.


The wand it comes in is a little odd. I actually think it makes it hard to apply the product on my lips. There’s no shape tp the applicator, so I needed to use a disposable lipgloss wand to put it on my lips.


And the lip swatch…


Now lets go into the quality of the lipstick…

I love how it smells. Reminds me a lot of tuti fruity, jelly bellys.  I did also like that it was hard to take off. I had to use LA Splash’s shea remover to get it completely off.

What I disliked about it, is that it was really sticky. Even after it was dried to its totality, it stayed sticky, which would also bring more of the gold flakes out from the lipstick and eventually looked patchy. On my lips, it looked nothing like the IG swatches I saw and I was extremely disappointed.

I ended up selling it to a friend that wanted it and missed the launch. So at least someone could appreciate it more than I had.

Were you able to order it? What was your initial reaction to receiving it? Everyone is different. What I didn’t like may have been different for you. Tell me in the comments!


Gwen x Urban Decay


I’m an OC girl. I grew up being able to ride my bike to the beach by following the river bed, felt like I lived at Disneyland, seen legitimate Angel’s vs Dodgers feuds, and my area code is (562) with a La Habra prefix. That said, Gwen Stefani and I already have a lot in common, or so I’d like to think.

I grew up listening to No Doubt when it was Ska, and Trapped In A Box was my jam. Sure, I might have been three years old at the time, but I knew what good music was… I think.

With that said, I was a little heart broken when Gwen split from the group to do her own thing. I didn’t know how to take the fact that this Ska singer was going in a Pop star direction! My friend from high-school, Jackie, would listen to her Love.Angel.Music.Baby c.d literally on repeat. Not kidding, the c.d would loop in her car. Over. And over. And over again. So her new stuff grew on me. Okay. I was a fan of solo Gwen.

Then came the L.A.M.B bags. I had one. You probably had one. The whole world needed these Le Sport Sac L.A.M.B bags. She heard our prayer and created a line; made gorgeous shoes and purses that I couldn’t afford. I still don’t own a pair of L.A.M.B heels, but one day I will!

So now that the back story rant is done, if you follow my blog or have hired me for any type of makeup work you should know that I swear up and down by Urban Decay shadows. They can do no wrong and if you think otherwise you’re nuts… but that’s my opinion.

So, imagine my enthusiasm when they leaked the GSxUD collab?

Yep. Pretty fu$%ing excited.

So then came the launch date…
November 22. Good God and all that is holy. I needed this palette like, Yesterday.

So I was patient and waited. Then the day came. Sold out.

Damn it all to bloody hell!

I looked through the pages upon pages upon PAGES of Instagram posts with the hashtag #udxgwen and was jealous of everyone who got one. Then I went through the pictures some more, and to be honest, wasn’t really jealous anymore. I swore the colors weren’t anything special.

Bland. Boring. Meh…

“Okay, so maybe I didn’t actually miss out on anything,” I thought. So life went on.

I had to walk into Sephora to exchange something that just didn’t work out for me. Walking through the aisles, I saw palettes that I always see while in Sephora, discovered Ciaté made something other than nail polish, and picked up some more of my favorite liquid highlighter (it’s by Josie Maran by the way and it’s to die for!)

I walk by the Gwen palette, swatched a couple colors, and just bit the bullet.

I swipe my card for the cost difference of whatever I exchanged for this palette. It’s mine. It’s in my bag. It’s done.

While I will admit it’s the packaging that REALLY sold me on it, I wasn’t planning on loving the shadows. I still thought, “meh,” about them.



(But seriously… that packaging though.)

That palette is probably the most photogenic palette I own. It still just sat in a drawer for a little. That’s when I finally thought, “look, you bought it, you may as well use it.”

So that’s exactly what I did.



At first glance the colors are repetitive. What’s with all the neutrals and random pink and navy blue thrown in there? I knew it. The one Urban Decay palette I would hate. Damn it.

That’s when I swatched them.
Okay. Just kidding. Maybe I like it after all.


(For the swatch image, shades go from left to right from palette.)

While it IS still a very neutral palette with lots of browns, I say it’s different from what I have in my Naked palettes. There are quite of few shimmer shades that remind me a lot of the foiled shadows from MakeUpGeek, such as 1987 and Steady that swatched beautifully, while Pop and Harajuku didn’t swatch well.

I really enjoy this palette, and it surprised me after all was said and done. I’m glad I convinced myself to grab it!


Ciaté Eyeshadow Palette: Olivia Palermo


Who knew a nail polish brand such as Ciaté would succeed in making actual cosmetics?

I stepped into Sephora last week to exchange something I didn’t really enjoy, and as I was wandering aimlessly through the aisles, beside the Too Faced counter I spotted something that looked new to me…

An entire section of the counter was specific to Ciaté and it’s new cosmetics line. The girl at Sephora said they’ve been out for a little while now; how long that “little while” has been is beyond my knowledge because this is was the first time I had even seen the products.

I had lipsticks, bronzers, highlighters and eyeshadows to play with. The product that won my affection was the Olivia Palermo palette.

So I took it home, and to be honest didn’t use it immediately. I was afraid to ruin such a pretty palette. Alas, I came over my irrational fear, and used it.



Now from what I’ve seen, on the back of the palette and as well as on the box, there are no eyeshadow names to the colors. Which I seriously found comforting. Whenever I got asked what color eyeshadow I was wearing, I just said, “a mauve color from the new Ciaté palette.” It then gave me a reason to whip it out of my makeup kit and show it off.


The colors are neutral, perfect for day time looks, yet can turn into sultry night time looks. They aren’t dusty or have loads of fall out. The shadows are actually very smooth and have the perfect amount of pigment, which is builable to your liking.


These swatches were taken in natural light and over primer.
(Please excute the chicken bumps, it was cold outside!)

The shadows on my eyes lasted almost the whole day with little creasing. I didn’t use primer o my lids on the days I used these shadows so I’m sure I could’ve gotten a longer wear from them.

All in all, I’d say buy it. At $38, and the quality that it is, totally worth it!


Jem And The Holograms x Sephora Eyeshadow Palette


I’m all about holiday kits and palettes that Ulta and Sephora come out with. Really, it’s probably the best time of the year for me.

So when I heard there was a movie remake of Jem And The Holograms, I cried a little because:

1) They didn’t follow any of the original story line from the original show. Tears of sadness.

2) They made a collaboration with Sephora to bless my vanity with. Tears of joy.

It’s a love-hate feeling.

So, I went to my nearest Sephora, mainly to get my Nars birthday gift from them (WHICH THEY RAN OUT OF BY THE WAY!!! ::angry mumble::) and what was the first display that I saw? Yup. You guessed it.


So I bought it.


The outside of the palette is a glittery black fabric, with a hot pink flap decorated with the Jem logo. Open it up, and it is adorned with hot pink and black lightning bolts, and the shadows rest on a holographic background. There is a full sized mirror built in. So that helps a lot since most palettes come with a little or no mirror at all.

I’ll be completely honest and say I really wasn’t expecting anything great coming from Sephora’s line of cosmetics. They’re usually dusty, chalky, crease prone, and color payoff isn’t usually there.

Boy have they stepped their game up.

I made the first swatch into Keytar. Super buttery soft, and extremely pigmented! A shocker for me, for sure. That’s when I decided to swatch them ALL.


Holy pigmentation, Batman!

Granted, this is swatched on Urban Decay Primer Potion, but can you just die over these colors??? I know I can! Cassette, Raya, Pizzazz and Keytar are my favorites so far from the palette.

They also had a liquid lipstick set that I thought about getting, but when swatched in store I knew I’d only be buying it for two shades of the five. So I passed.

I’m still a little obsessed about the fact they came out with a Manic Panic Jem set.


I just couldn’t bring myself to pay $19 a bottle when I can get the same non-Jem bottle at CosmoProf for $8.

All in all, I’m super surprised with the quality of my palette and I’m really excited to come up with looks using it. You go, Sephora. Stepping up your cosmetic game and what not. You go, girl.

danixdanger rating:


2015 Holiday Splurge!


For the past three years i have been making lists in what I feel is worth the extra love from your bank on beauty products, may it be cosmetic or skin care. Here is this year’s list!

1: Le Grand Palais
$58 | Too Faced Sephora Exclusive
This super cute palette is limited to Sephora locations and comes with a travel tube of Shadow Insurance, a travel Melted lipstick, and a mini Better Than Sex mascara. It comes built with 4 highlight shades, two blushes and a bronzer, alongside 15 full sized shadows. Eiffel is my favorite shadow shade from them all! They’re super buttery and smooth. Definitely worth the extra spending money.

2: Instant Firm Temporary Face Tightener.
$10-48 | Peter Thomas Roth
This face tightener is actually a staple in my make up kit. It works great especially for not just my older clients who want an “instant face lift,” but for my younger clients who naturally have frown lines in the forhead or more wrinkles under the eye (such as myself.) Pat this stuff on and in 3-7 minutes your skin looks great!

3: Style Eye-Con No.20
$99 |
Marc Jacobs
This palette is a super splurge, especially at $99, but hear me out… The color pay off from these shadows is amazing. Now really look at this palette. They’re colors that you can use daily, meaning your money will be well spent. It comes with both shimmer and matte, making this palette perfect for multiple looks. Marc Jacobs really is a luxury brand, and you can tell it carries in his cosmetics.

4: Duo Color Highlight Pans
$60 | BitterLaceBeauty
I’m still not over how much I love the highlight formula Jenna from BLB has concocted for her cosmetics line. Each highlight on it’s own is $16, so buying six adds up to $96. This way, you get $36 off, and get to have all six colors! The highlights swatch and apply beautifully, and you can read both my reviews on my previous blog posts.

5: Argan Enlightenment  Illuminizer
$26 | Josie Maran Sephora Exclusive
Next to my Becca shimmering skin perfector, this is top on my list of liquid highlights! It smells sooooo good, and gives my skin such an natural, inner glow that it doesn’t even look like I’m wearing any makeup. Perfect on any skin tone. The jar is on the small side, but a little really goes a long way!

6: Drama Liqui-Pencil
(Noir Intense)
$23 | Lancôme Sephora Exclusive
Okay, I get it. It’s really expensive for an eyeliner pencil. Just take my word when I say it’s worth every penny. The pencil glides on. Doesn’t tug, and it’s seriously the blackest black liner I have ever laid my eyes on. It’s waterproof, and it has taken me all day to just rub off my hand. There’s still black on my hand from swatching. 10 hours later. Hows that for long lasting?
(Photo Credit: Sephora.com)

7: Le Petite Mason
$39 | Too Faced Ulta Exclusive
I’m a little biased this year. Usually I’m all about Tarte’s holiday palettes but Too Faced has really stepped it up this year. This palette is more on the neutral side, lots of browns and golds. Even has its own little house like it’s cousin, Le Grand Palais. Comes with a travel mini of Better Than Sex Mascara. Soft and no fall out shadows, definitely something not to look past!

8: Velour Liquid Lipsticks
$18 | Jeffree Star Cosmetics
ANY Jeffree Star liquid lipstick is worth buying. Seriously. Buy them all if you can. The formula is to die for, and dries to a true matte in seconds. J-Star says that they’re kiss proof, and I have to agree that they are. I’ve kissed my boyfriend on the cheek, and there’s absolutely no transfer. Not a bit of my Unicorn Blood landed on his skin; And while all the shades are gorgeous, that’s pretty amazing on it’s own.

9: 15 Artist Shadow Palette
$59 | Make Up Forever

MUFE shadows have always been one of my favorites. Specifically because of the size of their pans and their quality. Not to mention the huge array of colors they have to choose from. Unless you have a pro discount, it’s usually $22 a pan, which can get kind of pricy to even try to build your own palette. So, with that said, I feel this is perfect for anyone who wants smaller pans for personal use. The palette itself isn’t huge, and I feel takes into consideration the “everyday person” using this product.
(Photo credit: Temptalia.com)

10: Pores No More Pore Refiner
$15-45 | Dr. Brandt

Pores No More is my favorite primer ever! The formula is not greasy, and doesn’t have a weird silicon “after feeling.” I usually like to wear it alone on days I feel like i want to look ragged, but still have glorious skin, and also on days where i want my foundation to look immaculate. It is mattifying, and I do suggest the travel size first because, although I personally never experienced this, have heard it gives the smallest, tinest tingle feeling (similar to that of BenGay or Icy Hot) to the skin that some people don’t like. As I said, I never experienced it, but don’t say I never mentioned it.