Glamour with an Edge

The one thing I love about makeup and fashion, is that there are absolutely no rules to follow.

Makeup is a great way to spruce up your outfit, and is one of the main factors to determine if your entire look is feminine or edgy. One way to make your look glamourous but still punky, is to add a splash of bold color…



Now, you may be thinking,
“To my eyebrows?! Are you serious?!”

And the answer is, “Yes!”

Your eyes, lips, even cheeks get to have all the fun when it comes to color and your brows are always left alone, with the same “natural” colored brow powder. Try it once at least, and I promise you’ll love the idea! Will people look at you? Of course they will! You’re the center of beauty’s attention and don’t let some Plain-Jane judge your fashion statement.

Take a lesson from these fellow colored brow lovers!


Miss. Amy (aka Shrinkle) shows how she rocks colored brows with a neutral eye!


She even took it to the next level and added some glitter to the mix for a fabulous twist!


Lauren (aka QueenOfBlending) shows how she paired her lovely blue brows with a simple cat eye!


She also shows us how we can make color brows go from day to night! Look how gorgeous she looks in what would be a natural look, and how she transitioned “everyday” brows into a fierce night time look!

This amazing dancer, Jesse (aka @TheJesseFields) is showing how he paired his edgy brows to match his new hair color! Who says there’s such thing as “too much?” NOT ME!


Colored brows don’t need to be neon or brighy, but also can work as pastels like shown! The color range is endless!


If you want to try the trend but dont know how to exactly get the look, here’s a helpful step-by-step tutorial by Jenny (aka @jennyNIN.) It shows how she creates her bold brows in a flawless manner!

Have bold brows you wana share? Tag me on instagram using hashtag #DANIxDANGER and show me your stuff!!



Face Contouring (Tutorial)

We all have seen it lately; Instagram makeup “guru’s” who swear up and down that contouring is a “face” saver. Manipulate makeup and make it seem like I have cheek bones? A thinner jaw line? Is that possible?

Problem a lot of “normal” women face is that they’re not trained like these Instagram girls, or they’re not as patient to perform a “trial and error” on themselves.

Well I’m here to (hopefully) save the day!

The following images are the steps I take to achieve that fake cheek bone look. Not too hard, but READER BEWARE: lots of patience is required. You’re NOT going to perfect this in one try. Practice makes proficient.

What You’ll Need:
1. Foundation Or Tinted Moisturizer
(I used a tinted moisturizer from Laura Mercier)
2. Concealer 2-3 shades lighter that your normal skin tone.
(I used Cinema Secrets foundation)
3. Contour Color (I used a dark concealer wheel from RCMA)
4: Concealer Brush
5: Makeup Sponge
6: Duster/Fan brush
7: Setting powder (I used Ben Nye’s Banana Powder)
8: Blush and other desired products to finish the look.

Step #1

Prep your face by adding your foundation or tinted moisturizer to your face. Make sure that it’s a thin application, because we’re going to be adding A LOT of concealer later.

Step #2

Add the lighter concealer to your brush. I personally don’t use the brush directly inside the pot; I like to scoop the product out with a makeup spatula and add to my palette. Stops germs from forming that way. (Germaphobe much?)

Step #3
Start from the side of your nostril, and bring the brush upwards and sideways, aiming towards the outer corner of your eye. Then, starting a little below the inner corner of your eye, bring the brush down meeting the outside of your nostril again. You should have created a “V” at this point. Start to “paint” inside of the “V” you just created.

Step #4″

Apply the “V” to the other side of the face. On the image above, that is labeled #1. We are now going to apply concealer to the forehead. Not all over, Just the center where the forehead and bridge of the nose meet. That is labeled #2, and also to the chin which is shown as #3. And finally to the bridge of the nose (#4.)

Step #5

Scoop out your desired colored shade. The darker the color the deeper the contour and the more patience is needed. I used a lighter shade of brown because in this tutorial I want just a subtle contour for the daytime.

Step #6

Make a fish face! Ahaha. No but seriously; for beginners this helps show where the hallows of your cheeks are and will be your guide to know where to apply that darker color of concealer.

Step #7:

At this point add the darker concealer to the areas of your face you’d like to slim down. Other than the hallows of my cheeks, I applied to the temples, my jaw line, and the sides of my nose to make it seem thinner.

Step #8:

Blend blend blend! With your makeup sponge, PAT and DAB to blend the colors out. DO NOT RUB the colors. You won’t get the same effect and frankly it’ll just become streaky. THIS TAKES PRACTICE AND PATIENCE. You may not be able to perfectly blend the colors together the first time. Practice practice practice!

Step #9

Using your setting powder and fan brush, dust the powder to the highlighted areas of the face (see step #4 to see which areas those are.) Don’t pack on the color, just dust it on. I also recommend NOT using a white HD powder. You’ll look ghostly in photos.

Finishing Touches:

At this point you can add the finishing touches such as blush, powdered highlight, mascara, lipstick, etc…

Now you went from,


Did you use this tutorial? Did it help at all? LET ME KNOW! Comment below and give me your thoughts.



Glitter Gradient Lips (Tutorial)

A few days ago I posted a picture of a lip look I had done using Lime Crime lipsticks and glitter. Well with the overwhelmingly positive response I got, I decided to create a picture turotial on how I was able to get the look!

What you’ll need:


1) Lip Primer
2) Concealer and Concealer brush
3) Face powder and Fan brush
4) Purple Lipstick
5) Red Lipstick
6) Nude Lipstick
7) Makeup Sponge
8) Violets Secret Weapon for lips
9) Cinema Secrets GLitter in Hollywood Glitz Garbo and Marilyn


– Start with clean lips. make sure to brush any dead skin off.

– apply Too Faced Lip primer

– Add concealer to your lips to blank out your natural color.

– with powder and a fan brush, dust powder on lips to set the concealer.


– apply purple lipstick around edges of lips. I used Poison Plum by Lime Crime.

– apply the red lipstick around the edges of the purple. its okay if it mixes in a bit. I used Mac Cosmetics in Ronnie Red.

– Apply a nude lipstick to the center of the lips. I used Coquette by Lime Crime.


– with makeup sponge, dab LIGHTLY so colors blend.

– with your concealer and brush, clean outer edges of lips.

– using Violets Secret Weapon for lips (my FAVORITE glitter adhesive) apply on lips in a dabbing motion.

– apply Garbo around where the red and purple lipsticks are, and apply marilyn in the center.


and now youre done!