Sugarpill Limited Edition “Trinket” Liquid Lipstick


The moment all makeup junkies have been waiting for…

SugarPill has made a liquid lipstick.
I repeat…

And it’s called Trinket.

Aaaaaand as we expected, it sold out in seconds.

I though, was lucky enough to grab a couple from this year’s IMATS L.A.


The art on the tube is designed by Sydney based artist, Bei Badgirl (@beibadgirl).

The package it comes in has the same art as the tube itself, and the tube is fairly long. Longer than Limecrime liquid lipstick tubes I’d say.


The wand it comes in is a little odd. I actually think it makes it hard to apply the product on my lips. There’s no shape tp the applicator, so I needed to use a disposable lipgloss wand to put it on my lips.


And the lip swatch…


Now lets go into the quality of the lipstick…

I love how it smells. Reminds me a lot of tuti fruity, jelly bellys.  I did also like that it was hard to take off. I had to use LA Splash’s shea remover to get it completely off.

What I disliked about it, is that it was really sticky. Even after it was dried to its totality, it stayed sticky, which would also bring more of the gold flakes out from the lipstick and eventually looked patchy. On my lips, it looked nothing like the IG swatches I saw and I was extremely disappointed.

I ended up selling it to a friend that wanted it and missed the launch. So at least someone could appreciate it more than I had.

Were you able to order it? What was your initial reaction to receiving it? Everyone is different. What I didn’t like may have been different for you. Tell me in the comments!


Glitter Gradient Lips (Tutorial)

A few days ago I posted a picture of a lip look I had done using Lime Crime lipsticks and glitter. Well with the overwhelmingly positive response I got, I decided to create a picture turotial on how I was able to get the look!

What you’ll need:


1) Lip Primer
2) Concealer and Concealer brush
3) Face powder and Fan brush
4) Purple Lipstick
5) Red Lipstick
6) Nude Lipstick
7) Makeup Sponge
8) Violets Secret Weapon for lips
9) Cinema Secrets GLitter in Hollywood Glitz Garbo and Marilyn


– Start with clean lips. make sure to brush any dead skin off.

– apply Too Faced Lip primer

– Add concealer to your lips to blank out your natural color.

– with powder and a fan brush, dust powder on lips to set the concealer.


– apply purple lipstick around edges of lips. I used Poison Plum by Lime Crime.

– apply the red lipstick around the edges of the purple. its okay if it mixes in a bit. I used Mac Cosmetics in Ronnie Red.

– Apply a nude lipstick to the center of the lips. I used Coquette by Lime Crime.


– with makeup sponge, dab LIGHTLY so colors blend.

– with your concealer and brush, clean outer edges of lips.

– using Violets Secret Weapon for lips (my FAVORITE glitter adhesive) apply on lips in a dabbing motion.

– apply Garbo around where the red and purple lipsticks are, and apply marilyn in the center.


and now youre done!