You Ask, I Answer. 

Here are a list of common questions I randomly get asked on Instagram. Ready… Set… Go. 
Q: “Where did you get your nick name ‘danixdanger’ from?” 

A: I was still in high school (10+ years ago, wow I’m old) when I got that name. I was playing girl’s high school soccer and I was really aggressive, the boy’s team used to call me “wild girl” or “danger girl.” Dani Danger eventually stemmed from “Danger Girl” and became my MySpace screen name. Stuck around with me ever since. 
Q: “How’d you become a freelance makeup artist?” 

A: I use the term, “part time freelance” to describe what I do because I technically still have a day job, and I still have photography as my main focus of side work. I just honestly played with makeup, had great mentors who lead me in the right direction,  had a lot of friends and family who weren’t afraid to let me practice on their faces, and eventually I would intern with certain brands that helped me slowly work my way up to fashion shows and weddings. I don’t know if I could consider myself a 100% professional makeup artist since (as I mentioned) don’t use it as my sole source of income, but I’m no amateur, that’s for sure. 
Q: “Do you have a YouTube channel?”

A: ahaha, I get asked this a lot. Yes I do, no I haven’t really used it. I think the last post I did on YouTube was when Lime Crime still had their unicorn pigments, and I used the yellow one as the main concentration of the episode. That literally was like, three or four years ago. They’re a lot of hard work to EDIT. Not so much to film. The editing portion was horrible, and I couldn’t get it to upload to YouTube in the same,  clear, HD quality that my laptop saved it as. So I gave it up and now I just blog. Even doing that,  I have a hard time keeping up. 
Q: “What kid of foundation/concealer/etc…. Do you use? Your foundation looks so good!” 

A: honestly, I have good genes. I think I wash my face once a month,  if that. I usually just use a makeup remover wipe at the end od the night and call it a day. With that said, my skin isn’t dry, oily, or a combination of either. It’s just, normal. In other words: I naturally have a good canvas for face makeup. So in reality, I just use whatever foundation I feel like trying or using that day. If it looks flawless, I wish I had a better answer than what I gave. I really feel like I disappoint people with that answer. 
Q: “Do you collect or buy what you need?” 

A: If my boyfriend would answer this for me, he’d say I really don’t need any more makeup than what I own. I used to buy EVERY collection Mac came out with, had to have every eyeshadow palette that launched, whatever new lipstick was popular with the Instagram girls… But in the end I was collecting and just buying doubles, if not triples of shades and formulas that I already had. I kid you not, I have four Mac lipsticks that are EXACTLY the same color and finish, but all have different names. I also find certain brands of liquid lipstick companies have extremely similar formulas that I just stopped caring about which brand name I’m buying all together. So to answer your questions: yes occasionally I’ll buy to collect, but I know buy based off what’s running low in my makeup kit, or if my compact needs to be refilled. I do though, have a list of brands that I trust. That’s a whole different rant. 
Q: “What ethnicity are you? “

A: Ahaha, this question always makes me laugh because I have no idea what the infatuation is with figuring out what race/ethnicity I am; but, it is a common question so I will say I’m Mexican. First Generation American on my mom’s side, Second Generation from my dad’s side. Yes,  I speak Spanish, too. You’d never know that lookin at my skin tone though! 
I’ll be adding more to this as I go on. There’s a lot of common questions that come around!